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The Talking Tree Coaching CIC

You're in the right place if you're a school or community centre interested in accessing coaching for your Young People. If you're a parent looking for private coaching click here. 

The Talking Tree Coaching CIC | Registered Community Interest Company limited by guarantee | 12855467

Raise Aspirations Through Resilience & Well-being Coaching

The Talking Tree Coaching CIC offers 1:1 coaching programmes for children and Young People (YP) facing challenges at school or home as well as facilitating a variety of workshops for all. 

Through specialist coaching with 7-24-year-olds, we talk and listen to promote positive mental health, increase confidence, lower feelings of anxiety, improve self-esteem and better manage challenging behaviour.

With extensive classroom experience and working knowledge of whole school issues in mainstream education in the UK and in private schools internationally we, The Talking Tree are conscious of supporting the whole school community in order to improve pupil outcomes both emotionally and academically to enable an ambitious and well-supported future. 

Young People and their experiences are at the centre of everything we do, we empower them to direct their own coaching as well as sewing the seeds for workshop content. We want to increase access to coaching and have it be available at a crucial time of life. Coaching creates space for and explores choice through deep and inspiring conversation which shifts perspective and in turn raises aspirations. Equipped with tools that will support their development and well-being throughout life we're confident all YP we work with will leave a session or workshop with tools they're ready to use in real life.


The Talking Tree is committed to being an open, transparent and inclusive organisation, we are flexible to the needs of your YP and are always open to collaboration and input from partners.

​How Do Young People Benefit?

  • Use their voice, be heard, without judgement or repercussions

  • They are the whole focus

  • Personal development re all aspects of student’s life

  • Improve confidence / resilience

  • Heighten Self-Awareness and acceptance, Self-love, Clarity / Direction

  • Reduce feelings of anxiety and negative thoughts

  • Learn to process and manage whole range of emotions

  • Accept and embrace change

  • Feel empowered to make better choices in line with a future they choose

  • Effective communication

  • Learn to express emotion constructively

​How Else Can the School Benefit?

Increased attendance

Improved behaviour choices

Raise aspirations

Transform mindset

Improved engagement

Increased attainment

Pupil retention

Mental Health support

Benefits of coaching
Vision & Mission

 Vision & Mission 

The inspiration for The Talking Tree was from our Founder's life in Tanzania, East Africa where she became fascinated by the Baobab tree which symbolises how life can thrive despite the most extreme environmental conditions. We believe the same of young people too.


Our Mission is to coach YP to provide them with the tools, the mindset

and the belief that when they're at choice they can thrive.

They dictate their future, not their environment.

Our coaches help create that same resilient spirit in our YP and in so doing inspire transformational growth. We nurture their strong roots, help them to build a strong core and encourage them to branch out to reach for the sky (we hope that's the last of the tree puns too).

What is coaching?

 What is Coaching? 

Coaching creates space to talk, but most importantly to be truly heard, something we believe is incredibly important for Young people. It presents the opportunity to explore who we are as individuals, what we value, where we can grow and what and who we aspire to be, uncovering lessons and ultimately encouraging the action that will empower us to get there. 


The Talking Tree works with the Co-Active Coaching Model. This is a very forward focussed model, with emphasis on choice, being present and daring to achieve our goals. We work to identify the boundaries of our comfort zone so that that we can step over to our growth zone. From here we can create our own lives, shaking off the weight of external pressures to find our own path, with strong roots to balance us and no limitation of where we can grow.

Co-Active Coaching is an experience of personal and professional development unlike other kinds of coaching. Based on the Co-Active Model, it begins by holding the coachee as naturally creative, resourceful and whole, and completely capable of finding their own answers to whatever challenges they face. The job of a Co-Active® Coach is to ask powerful questions, listen and empower to elicit the skills and creativity a client already possesses, rather than instruct or advise.

Have a better idea of it now but would benefit from listening to a coaching session? Listen here.

Skip to 19:25 to listen to a one-off coaching session with a 13 year old who's first experience it is of being coached and having virtually met the coach.

TTTC Services

 TTTC Services 


1:1 Coaching

We work 1:1 on-site (remotely in lockdown) coaching up to 6 YP in a school day. You choose who you'd like us to work with, they decide if they want to be coached.


Coaching for a variety of targeted groups through these carefully designed workshops we promote positive mental health and choice. We offer the opportunity to expand their own talking tree, discover their passions and gain confidence. We equip YP with tools needed to build resilience and support each other. These can be bespoke depending on your needs.


Topics covered; Body Image, Social Media, Confidence & Resilience, Effective Communication Skills.


Bespoke Packages

Like what we do but can't quite find what you need? Get in touch to start the conversation about how we can collaborate to fulfil your needs. We're all about listening to our community in order to grow together.

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